Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Muscle Physique

Jonathon was born and raised in the Big State of Texas, where at the age of 13 years old he started Powerlifting. He has been to numerous regional and State Powerlifting events and meets, and has won over 20 awards, as well as having coached up and coming Powerlifters.
He joined the military out of high school, but did not lose his love for Powerlifting, and even began to compete in Bodybuilding events for physique. While on 4 deployments, he continued to work hard and eventually joined the 1000 pound club. Because of his success many fellow Marines sought him out to train them in Powerlifting and Bodybuilding, helping them change their bodies and giving them the training, nutritional advice, and coaching that gave them the ability to not only compete but also gave them their dream bodies. He is BLS and EMR certified, and too this day his previous clients are now his friends, and thank him for helping them realize their fitness goals and dreams.