Drew Chilcott

Powerlifting, Strength Training, Muscle Gain

As a former Australian County beach lifeguard and Australian Special Forces both Navy and Army (AUSCDT / TAGeast Commando 4Delta). Drew has been extremely active his whole life. He received his certificate 4 in training and assessment and cert 4 in training small groups from the Navy to help with his teams physical training and fitness assessments. Now as PMC (private military contractor) Drew has the time and facilities to chase competitive powerlifting, he spends all his spare time at powerlifting clinics and seminars whilst competing every 3 months. With many different aspects of fitness being covered throughout his career Drew’s knowledge is wide and diverse. If your thinking of trying out for Special Operational Forces selection or have an interest in powerlifting or just wish to get big and strong he is definitely worth making an appointment with……

My focus on training revolves around strength, muscle gain for size and powerlifting. My sessions are hard due to the volume and intensity.
I will be holding powerlifting clinics once a month and can develop specific programs for powerlifting competitions.