Meal Prep & Delivery

Are you having problems losing weight? Are you having problems gaining the muscle mass you need? Exercise is definitely a great start, but what makes the real difference is nutrition.

San Clemente Gym has partnered with Element Seven to offer nutritional meals Ready and Go. Created by Executive Chef- Marc Simz to provide you with the nutrition you need in each and every meal to help you lose the stubborn fat and gain that needed muscles. Each meal is handcrafted, fresh, and nutritional and will help you achieve that body you’ve always dreamed of!

Will exercise alone help me lose the weight I want to get fit and healthy?

  1. Exercise alone is almost useless when it comes to losing weight. Researchers tracked people who added more workouts to their training schedules but kept their diets the same and found they lost only a few pounds. Our energy system is a lot more complicated than calories in versus calories out, so it’s hard to create a calorie deficit just with exercise.
  2. Exercise accounts for a small percentage of our daily calorie burn. Fewer than 30 percent of the energy we expend comes from exercise. We burn more calories doing everyday things like breathing and digesting.
  3. More exercise doesn’t mean more calories burned. This theory is still being tested, but scientists found evidence that after a certain amount of exercise, you stop burning energy at the same rate. So logging double the steps on your Fitbit doesn’t necessarily mean you burned double the calories.

So what does work for weight loss? The National Weight Control Registry, which studies adults who have lost at least 30 pounds (and kept it off for more than a year), says the best strategies are watching your portion size, staying away from high-fat foods, restricting your calorie intake, and exercising regularly.

Meal Options

Starters-Breakfast Meals
Cheat Day Meals

– Always Fresh Never Frozen
– Farm to Fork Ingredients
-Packed with Protein
-Every Meal Prepared By Our In-House Chefs and Culinary Professionals
-Customize- able Meals/Macro Based
-Kosher and Halal Available Alternatives
-Menus Change Every Week

Mains-Lunch/Dinner Meals
Vegan Meals

How It Works

1. Pick which meals you like and order online. Menus changes weekly so you will always find something new and enjoyable. All Deliveries Go Out On Monday at 2 pm.

2. Prepared and Delivered. Element Seven’s Chef cooks your healthy meals fresh- they are never frozen, and for your convenience you can pick it up at San Clemente Gym with No Delivery Charge to you.

3. Simply visit San Clemente Gym and your meals will be waiting for you in our on-site refrigerator. Then simply take your meals home and enjoy your fully prepared meals that have already been cooked, assembled, measured for ultimate performance and nutrients and all that’s left is for you to heat them up and enjoy!!

Meal Program Options


4 Weeks of Meals and Nutritional Counseling Only – Daily Meals Designed, Ordered, and Delivered for you at the Gym Monday afternoons, and a 1 hour counseling session with our Nutritionist.

  • 1x 1 hour Nutrition Consultation
  • Meal Design Services and Meal Ordering each week


Meals with Private Training and Nutritional Counseling – You’ll be working with a Private Trainer who will not only help you with the fitness aspect of the program, but you will also be working with a Nutritional Counselor who will do the Daily Meal Designing, Meal Ordering, and have your meals delivered for you at the Gym Monday afternoons.

  • 12x 1 hour Personal Training Session
  • 1x 1 hour Nutrition Consultation 
  • Meal Design Services and Meal Ordering each week


Grab and Go Meals Only – Just want food? It’s simple. Just Order it, Grab it, and Go yourself at ELEMENT SEVEN and have your meals delivered here at the Gym ready to go for you. Then take them home and simply enjoy the Best healthy and tasty meals around.

Nutritional Coaching

Why do I need a coach for meal planning?

1. There is no one size fits all. There is no cookie-cutter approach to meal planning because everyone is different. We all have different needs, and a coach can help you create a specific plan to get the best results for you. A coach will work with you to make sure that the plan is created with you in mind, so that you can get the best results possible.

2. Reach your goals faster. A good coach will get to know you and your goals, so they can help direct your course to reach your goals faster. A coach has the expertise and authority to know what to do, and how to help you best. A coach will help you create an actionable plan that you can execute on to reach your goals in a shorter amount of time than if you tried to do it on your own.

3. An accountability partner. A coach is an accountability partner. They are right beside you working with you to make sure you follow through on your plan. When you know that your coach is checking in on you every day, week, or month, you want to be sure that you are making progress in order to please your coach. It’s a healthy accountability mechanism to help you grow the fastest.

4. Long-term success. A coach helps set you up for both short and long-term success. They know your goals and vision, and want to make sure you reach them. Most people gain all weight that was lost back within one year, and over fifty percent of those who deliberately lose weight weigh even more than their original pre-diet weight three to five years later. A good coach will teach you how to eat healthily and confidently for the long-term. Ultimately, they will empower you to find your ideal version of balance between nutrition, exercise, and life so that you can maintain the weight and life that you want to.

5. Take some pressure off you. Dieting can be stressful because there are so many decisions to be made every day and every week. A meal planning coach helps make those decisions for you. They will prepare you with actionable strategies to adjust your nutrition and exercise to find balance between staying on plan and enjoying yourself at your friend’s party. All you need to do is trust your coach and execute the plan. Just do your job and let the coach handle the rest.

6. Stay motivated. A great coach will help you stay motivated as you make progress on your plan. They will help you find your “why” behind your goals, and when you know your “why,” you work harder, better, and faster. And since you are paying your coach your hard-earned money, that will help keep you honest and motivated to make the best use of your meal plan.

How will having my meals prepped for me help me?

1. It saves you time. This is a no brainer. Element Seven prepares your meals for you, prepackages them and delivers them right to your door. Look at all of the time you just saved by not planning your meals, going to the store, cooking at home, cleaning up the dishes, and packaging leftovers.

2. It’s less expensive than you think. When you add up the cumulative costs of shopping for fresh whole food ingredients and the time to prepare them, meal prepping actually saves you money.

3. Portion control & creative menus choices. Another benefit of meal prep is that you won’t over eat. Each meal comes perfectly portioned in its own separate container that is easily reheat-able in the microwave or oven. The meals are prepared by professional chefs, and the creative pairings they offer provides variety and insight into healthier choices you may not have known about.

4. It is healthier for you. Pre-made meals are all around healthier. There is no sugar, no preservatives or added flavoring. They use nothing but fresh, quality ingredients that are purchased locally. Their meals are high in fiber, each contain over 30g of protein, and are packed with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.