The Recovery Lab



San Clemente Gym has teamed up with The Recovery LAB to bring its members and visitors a top of the line sports performance recovery experience located conveniently in the gym. Now you can Train, Recover, and Rest. The Recovery LAB is a Post-fitness  recovery center that helps you stay strong by providing high-quality care and recovery services post-workout or anytime your muscles are feeling sore or tight.

Percussion Therapy

NormaTec Compression

Hyperice Recovery

The Recovery LAB is unlike any other in sports recovery center in Orange County. Besides the convenience of having access to a instant recovery after your training, we know you will always walk out feeling better then you did before you walked in. Our success comes from not only our recovery services, but also in our ability to teach people how to take care of their bodies. Built and designed to keep you moving well, pain free and staying at the top of your game, no matter what sport you excel at, if you’re recovering from an injury, or whether you simply want to feel better after your workouts. Open to members and non-members alike, you may simply schedule a recovery session online or in-person,  or simply try a walk in session if one is available.

Hours of LAB Operation

Monday: 3pm-7pm

Tuesday: 8am-12noon & 3pm-7pm

Wednesday: 3pm-7pm

Thursday: 8am-12noon