Its quite easy today to spot one of the big fitness workout facilities close by as there is usually a line to get into the parking lot and even a line to use the equipment not to mention most often run down. Its also easy to spot a dollar a month gym as there too you will have to wait for the equipment and potentially hope then are still open next month. If you are looking for something of a better fit, it’s the San Clemente Gym. The San Clemente Gym has easy access, is not too crowded, is centrally located and very friendly.

If you are just looking to get in shape, keep in shape, are a marathon runner in training, or a Hollywood actor preparing for your next big movie, San Clemente Gym is for you. We take pride in our facility our staff and most importantly our members. Our in-house and visiting trainers with years of fitness experience can work with you and craft a specialized routine to meet your specific fitness goals.



We are the one and only original gym in San Clemente. More than 30 years ago two Austrian body builders and workout fanatics opened a fitness facility in the center of town. It is there it began the tradition of commitment, passion and dedication to the health and wellness through fitness of San Clemente residents. Now owned and operated by a long time local the San Clemente Gym invites you to join and begin your routine and experience better health and wellness. At the San Clemente Gym you will always find someone there to motivate, share a new routine or just spot you in your workout.